Saturday, 31 July 2010

Block 5 Free Bom; Indulge in ... bubbles!!

This is a girl whom I envy, not only luxuriating in a hot bubbly bath (I don't have a bath at home) but also indulging in a glass of champers (bubbles in a glass do funny things to me) whilst doing so!!
It rather takes me back to my life pre - hubby and Jack Russell where I could spend hours (literally) soaking in a hot bath, glass of wine in hand, candles and soft music playing and had absolutely no worries. I wouldn't swap the life I have now, but how I long for just the occasional evening of nothing to do but indulge myself!!
The free BOM for this month is available here.


Manuela said...

Hola Caroline ,
I´m born in Germany but i life now 34 years in Spain !I like your Boom and i wait al the month of the next ......Sorry for my very bad english !!

Allie said...

Oh so darling - I remember spending hours in the tub too, how I miss those days, lol! Thank you so much for these darling blocks!

Enchie said...

Hi Caroline,
I love your BOM, and always wait for the new one. I am trying to download it but it keeps taking me to Doc site and asking me for a fee? Is there another way to download this pdf pattern? Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern.
Enchie :)

Lynnae said...

When ever I try to download the BOM, I'm taken to a page where it asks for a fee to download.

Lynda said...

Oh no! I haven't done the last one yet! And this one looks so good!

Wenche said...

Somehow we are not able to download this for free at .doc anymore. We are being asked to pay by day or by month. What happened? Are you aware of this problem? Perhaps you ought to switch to

Julie said...

Your BOM is coming along nicely, I love your choice of fabrics too!