Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A little bit of creativity ...

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks and have missed the blogging side of my life.

I am in the countdown for the wedding now with only 11 weeks to go! It's very scary - how did the countdown go from months to weeks? The time is flying with so much to do, I dedicated a whole week to making my wedding invitations which, in hindsight should have been sent by now. My partner and I fell in love with some very simple but elegant cards, however when we priced them, just 50 would have cost close to £300.00. We are on a very tight budget and being me, I insisted on making them myself.

This was the work in progress;

and this is the finished result;

I can't show the inside for obvious reasons but suffice to say that I am more than happy with them and happier still with the money we have saved (to be spent on more pressing matters).

I also managed to spend a wee bit of time on making my mother-in-law (to-be) a Mother's Day present. I have recently got her into quilting and wanted to make a sewing roll for all her pins and cotton reels etc.

I came up with her initials on the outside;

and this on the inside;

A close-up;

Now to make my own Mother one to take up with me on my next visit.
My next tasksare three quilts on order and some more wedding organisation - including making some Wedding Wishes cards and decorating the cake boxes.
Phew!! All this wedding malarchy is quite exhausting!!!
See you all soon.
Caroline xxx