Thursday, 25 February 2010

Froggies Expecting ...

I can imagine just what you are thinking!
A hint for what Froggy might be expecting is that this quilt is a recent commission for a baby that is still being kept warm in mummy's tum.
Mmmmmm!!!! The Thinking caps are on!!!
Froggy is perched quite precariously on another Froggy's head - what on earth is going on???

Throw a snail and a turtle into the mix and now you have a tower of creatures!

What's this?? Oh no, the Crane has dropped this little froggy bundle, can the tower of creatures save the day and claim this cutie as their own????

I am in love with this little quilt.
I hope you enjoyed this little story - I loved working on this and I really hope that it's new owner loves it too.

Spread the Love ...

The lovely Julie over at Bush Baby Jag has very kindly awarded me this Blogger Award and I want to spread the love some more.

It always warms my heart when I receive things like this and confirms how much I gain from blogging.
The blog community has really opened my eyes and heart to the generosity and creativity of so many wonderful people and I am glad to be a part of it.

Thank you.
I want to spread the love by awarding the following bloggers the award;
Kim at Stillmeadow Quilting
Jane at Sew Create It
Lynda at Master of Patience?
Fiona at Dragonfly Crafts
Lyn at Welcome to Bluebirds Quilts
Julie at Julie's Quilt Gallery
Zlaty at Zlaty Sews

These blogs I not only read on a regular basis but their writers have become friends and people I can turn to for advice and opinions, I treasure your friendship and thank you for the help and confidence boosting you have given along the way.

Please return the favour and spread the love some more, to 7 other bloggers.

Apparently I also have to write 7 things about myself that you might not know, so here goes;

1. I am a real home body and love nothing more (except quilting obviously) than making sure that our home is a welcoming place for my husband Tony and Jack Russell pup, Henri.
2. I have a degree in English Literature: I have a great love of books of all kinds.
3. I trained to be a teacher of English and Drama but felt that the British system of teaching; planning and targets etc sucked all the creativity out of me and so I quit.
4. I have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing countries and seen many beautiful sights that will stay in my heart forever; Africa, Thailand, Egypt, all over Europe and the USA.
5. In my previous life I worked for 11 years as a nanny and worked and lived with some interesting families in the USA, Netherlands and London, I can speak Dutch!!
6. I got married last June to my gorgeous husband Tony and I still can't quite believe how lucky I am to have met such a generous and loving man. He is a doctor and i've come to realise that being a doctor's wife is challenging but one I shall rise to.
7. I have long-term depression and I'm neither embarassed nor ashamed of it. I am learning to accept it and live with it and in some ways it makes me stronger, more grateful and appreciative of all the 'little' things in life that really count; a smile from a stranger, a pat on the back to a job well done and a hug from someone in need. I really do try to live for the moment every day.
Thank you and happy Thursday.
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