Sunday, 26 April 2009

Dragonflies Dancing on Daisies

I don't really know if dragonflies even like daisies or whether they dance on them - but they both begin with 'D' and in my opinion, that is a good thing!

This quilt was commissioned by a customer who wanted a simple strip quilt to celebrate her daughters third birthday. She chose the fabrics and requested dragonflies and flowers to be appliqued over the strips. The photo's show the finished result and I must say how thrilled I am with the finished design.

In hindsight I would perhaps have made the dragonflies stand out more but the overall design is lovely and has worked well with the fabrics used - Charisma by Moda and Moda Marbles in turquoise and pink.

The quilt also includes personalisation of the child's name Ixia Raine and her birthdate - isn't that a gorgeous name?

Happy Birthday Ixia xxx