Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mug Rug and Goodie Swap Mosaic

I'm taking part in a Mug Rug and Goodie Swap organised by lovely Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting here.

I'm excited about this as it's only the second swap I've taken part in and already I have met some new wonderful people. Cindy organised another swap I took part in recently which was the Japanese Fabric Swap.

Us swappers were advised to create a little mosaic of our favourite colours, fabric type and suggestions to help our swap partners find out more about us. Most of my 'favourites' seem to have come from pretty much the same source - lovely Kerri of Lovely Little Handmades. Up until now I have managed to steer clear of the red, aqua and white combo, but I seem to be developing a little obsession.

I don't know who my swap partner is but whoever you are I hope this helps!!!

Caroline xx