Friday, 2 July 2010

Bom 4 Shop 'til ... you drop.

Bom 4 can be found here.

If only you had any idea what I have been through to get this up to today, it's a miracle I tell you - a miracle!!!!

  • My poor computer had malfunction and turned itself off and there was no sign of life.
  • I trawled through the yellow pages for a computer repair place and sent it off to be repaired.
  • Even then there was no diagnosis but I was told it would cost £100.00 to simply be opened up, sounded like a problem with the Mother board - whatever that is!
  • After much discussion with hubby it was agreed that I might as well buy a new computer.
  • I reluctantly parted with my cash and so begun the process of installing lots and lots of software.
  • My scanner is 8 years old and new computer was not happy to install it.
  • Scanner was misbehaving (on hubby's computer - where it is now installed) and it took me 2 hours to figure out where scanned documents were being sent too.
  • Hubby's computer did not like my hard-disk-drive and so would not let me copy and paste scanned doc to it so that I could upload it onto my computer.
  • Thus I had to e-mail it to myself before much tinkering was done to get it to save as a pdf file.
I feel like I need a stiff drink and it's only 10 30 am!!!
Anyway without further ado - please enjoy my fourth BOM.
Thank you for yur patience and I promise to be more punctual next time. I also plan to do a tutorial on how to frame the blocks - there are going to be 9 blocks altogether.
Thank you for your support.