Thursday, 18 February 2010

Playing with baskets ...

My 'basket' project is coming along nicely and I'm rather pleased with it despite the fact that I have no idea where it's going or how it will progress further. I felt the urge to piece baskets and equally felt that I needed to do needle-turn applique - although I'm not really a needle-turn-applique kinda gal. I love it though!

To be honest this project has probably saved me from becoming a quivering wreck. I recently had some dental work that caused me a lot of pain initially.
During last week the discomfort settled down and I was beginning to think that it was over.
Boy was I wrong.
On Friday I started to get an achey jaw and put it down to nothing.
By Saturday I woke up with dreadful, intense neuralgia in the right side of my face.
If you have never suffered from this then it's hard to describe but feels as though someone has your face in a vice and is squeezing - then is stabbing you in the cheek.
It is dreadful and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.
By Monday I had had enough and managed to get an emergency appointment at my dentist. They immediately took out the nerve in my tooth and I'm glad to say the pain has receded. Relieve.
At last.

There will be more work to do, root filling and possible loss of a tooth but at least there are good dentists around who take pride in their work and will help me see it through to a happy outcome.

My poor hubby was also working nights this weekend and I didn't see him from Friday to Monday morning. It's always tough when we spend time apart - we hate it.

Please, please could I ask you to keep at least one set of fingers crossed for my clever husband who has two very important job interviews next week to become a neuro-psychiatrist. He works so hard, over 100hours a week, and is extremely talented in both his skills as a doctor and communicating with people. He deserves this break.
Good luck my love.