Thursday, 26 November 2009

A Quilt for Noa ...

I was recently comissioned to make a quilt for a young child and managed to finish well before the deadline. The brief was; purple, orange and pink with butterflies and dragon-flies appliqued over the top. Okay I thought, lovely colours, I'm up for the challenge.

I carefully pondered how I would combine those colours, came up with some ideas and a payout was agreed. Looking for inspiration for the fabrics I rifled through my stash and came across a charm pack from Moda Clementine, the colours involved pink, purple, orange, blue!! Amazing I thought, just what I need - now how to put them together??? I managed to find some block colours that matched the key colours perfectly and added white just to break it up a bit. The blocks are based on nine 5" squares sewn together 3 x 3, this is then cut into 1/4 making up blocks like these;
Each block is then rotated so that the seams do not match up and therefore it takes no time to put it together, I put mine together in blocks of 4 and played around with the configuration until I was happy. Some simple butterfly and dragon-fly shapes were appliqued over the top, personalised details were added and hey presto a cute and colourful quilt. I hope Noa enjoys this for many years to come.

Happy Birthday Noa Imogen for the 5th December.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas Pudding Pin Cushion Tutorial

At my quilting group on Saturday I did a demo of some rather cute Christmas Pudding Pin Cushions that I thought would be quite fun as a little stocking filler, or even help decorate the house over the festive season. I have put together a rather rough tutorial for making these but I'm sure you can fill in any gaps I might have made. Do let me know how you get on!!

Hope my explanations aren't too confusing, I find it a bit hard to sew and take photographs at the same time!!!
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