Saturday, 2 February 2013

One Month ...

Me and my beautiful girl are sharing a Birthday today.
I'm 40 something and my girl is 1 month old!!
It has been a difficult month trying to recover from the birth and look after a newborn who only wants the kind of cuddles only a mummy can give.

This week we've had a breakthrough and everything seems so much easier, I've stopped doubting my abilities to feed and be a good mummy to my scrummy baby ... all normal emotions as a first time mum!!
My girl is a cutie-pie, and is proving to be such a good baby, we're both learning so much about each other. 
I am in love with this little baby and it already feels like I have always had her in my life.
One month has flown by but I am feeling more like myself and getting into the swing of things nicely.
Perhaps when the nights get easier I will start to do a bit of crafting again but for the moment I am content to spend as much time with my baby as possible xxxx