Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bright and Breezy ...

I have finally managed to complete my multi-coloured blocks that were shown here in a previous blog entry.
I'm so thrilled with the end result that I got rather carried away with the photo's.
Henri approves of my colour choices and is happy with the quilt too.
He looks slightly indifferent here, but I promise that the quilt has had the nod of approval (he didn't mind sleeping under it while I spent two evenings sewing the binding on!!!).

This is a view of the back - which I love - not all the blocks were used on the front and this sort of makes it a reversible quilt.

I thought I had bitten off a lot more than I could chew when I started these lines. That was the whole purpose of making the quilt in the first place - I was desperate to make a quilt with a more modern feel. I laboured with the first quarter, was ready to jump out of the window with the second quarter ... but on I persisted.
By the time I finished the third quarter I was ready to tear my hair out - those lines just did not look straight!!
However, the final quarter seemed to go much quicker, I had finally found my comfort zone and sped through the process (ok, so chocolate and coca cola helped just a little!!).

More than happy with the finished product.

Hope you had a great weekend.
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