Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year ...

I was quite looking forward to seeing the back of 2010 for a number of reasons.

It has been a difficult year in lots of ways.
Looking back at what I have achieved I have actually accomplished a lot this year and should maybe allow myself to have a little pride in all the ways in which I've grown and developed not only personally but within my little business.

I've met some wonderful ladies through my teaching and quilt group, I,ve taken lots of business this year and even won a small comepetition.
It's not all bad. In 2011 I promise to be a better pattern writer and actually get some of my ideas and creations onto paper.

Photo's are as follows from left - right;

row 1; Finally finished 'Starry Night' quilt, Liberty quilt 1, Liberty Quilt squares, Liberty Quilt Petals,' Hearts Abundant' quilt #4.

row 2; Hearts abundant #3, 'All Wrapped Up' quilt, 'Elephants on Parade' #2, My aprons for Domestic Bliss pattern.
row 3; 'Bright and Breezy' quilt, Liberty Amelia Jane quilt, my Iddy-Biddy-bit-bag-buddies designed for my quilting group, Sweetie Jar quilt for Linus, Star quilt for Linus.

row 4; My quilt-as-you-go Rose-of-Sharon quilt designed by me for the group I teach, 'Hearts Abundant' # 2, detail of stained glass rose quilt, blocks from my free Bom.

row 5; Me receiving my award with 'Speaks Volumes' quilt, 'Woodland Gathering quilt', Ethan's quilt, BOM blocks again and finally the ladies I teach with all their amazing creations.

It's certainly a been a busy year. Just this week I have finished making two Christmas Stockings, a new coat for Henri and I'm nearly finished making the project I have designed for my next course.

Happy New Year everyone.
Caroline xxxx