Friday, 30 April 2010

Friendship Friday

I have been watching the progress made on Lyn's blog 'Bluebird Quilts' for Illene's quilt and sat in awe when she made a post of one of the completed quilts shown on the link here . I was mesmerized by how many of those blocks, all made by different people across the USA and worldwide worked together to create such a beautiful, interesting and colourful quilt. It is indeed a quilt of friendship.

Of course the little cogs (and I do mean little) in my brain started whiring away and I wondered what they would look like in a different colour-scheme. How about 'Blues' I thought - haven't worked with the blues since I produced a Sun-Bonnet Sue quilt years ago (in fact my first blog post).
So, I ordered some fabrics from Makower's 'China Blue' range. Then I thought, hmmmm ... that quilt is mighty big for me to quilt ... how about making it smaller. My blocks turned out to be 5" square (2" nine patches), which I'm glad to say will measure a more manageable 120cm square once completed (or thereabouts) - I'm not sure I can handle queensize just yet!!

Anyway, thank you Lyn for your inspiration and indeed to all you bloggers who mesmerize, amaze and inspire me every day.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Home Sweet Home ...

I can't take credit for these pretty little pieced houses, they were donated to the Linus box at my local quilting group and were simply asking to be put together for a little one. I have used some colourful fabric to create a little neighbourhood for some little critters peeking through windows.
Happy Thursday everyone.
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