Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bahh humbug ... not a good day ...

It's been one of those days today, you know the type - where, from the minute you wake up the day it is just all wrong.

I had some jobs to do in the morning which took up more time than I expected. I was longing to get to the studio as I have one quilt on comission that has been delayed because of previous orders. This one is a Christmas present and needs to be completed quite soon, but it is larger than I normally make and contains an awful lot of applique, which takes a lot of time.

My day was going reasonably well once I got to the studio, I thought I would use a twin needle to create a train track - quicker than appliquing a track - and saving tons of fabric. I threaded the machine just as the manual said, followed instructions for getting the right tension etc. It started okay and then I noticed the tension wasn't right, then disaster struck and the whole thing started looping underneath. To cut a very long story short I ended up spending an hour cleaning the machine, changing needles etc.
I have a sewing machine shop around the corner so I ran there for advice, I got reprimanded for using universal needles and bobbins instead of 'Janome' and we eventually came to a consensus opinion that there are scratches or 'burrs' (presume they mean scratches) on the bobbin case preventing it from turning properly. Well poor Janome is now awaiting the nice man to take her away for a well deserved service and repair work tomorrow. She will be missing from my life for at least a week, I am already missing her!!
After wasting half my day feeling frustrated I simply had to buy some chocolate and a fizzy drink, much needed but I'm disappointed as I've been trying to eat more healthily and have given up 'naughty' things, ie coca cola and crisps (my addictions - not had any for 5 weeks now!!!).
Good news though that my gorgeous husband was meant to be working on Christmas day but has just found out that he has it off. Yippee!!!!! Our first as husband and wife - it has to be special right - my three Christmas wishes may come true after all!!! We're spending our first Christmas as married people with Tony's parents, his sister and her husband. Luckily we all get on very well.
Must go chocolate calling ...