Friday, 21 December 2012

Hoorah for Gremlins ...

 Consensus told me that I should finish the Gremlin quilt straight away, before my baby comes along demanding all of my attention. 
Thus it was that armed with wadding, backing and some natty yellow binding I managed to complete the quilt  over a couple of mornings (afternoons reserved for biscuit munching, tea supping and peaceful naps).
 I'm a little embarassed by the awful quilting, I've become a little out of practice,so I'm not very confident and  went for something I knew I could cope with - my baby bump does prevent me from being able to get up close and personal with my machine.

I love the backing - an ikea print I've had for ages - which makes this quilt sort of reversible - what a great talking and pointing piece when baby is old enough to be distracted from tears and tantrums.
The binding is the yellow ovals from the Moda It's a Hoot range.

Despite bad quilting I LOVE IT, and think the baby will spend many happy hours rolling around on it and perhaps cuddling on the sofa with it one day xxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Watch out ... Gremlins about!!!

 I'm calling this my Gremlin quilt for one reason only - as I was making this from the scraps in my many baskets of oddments (yes I did say many ... and I am ashamed) as fast as I was trying to use them up, they just seemed to multiply!!!
I started this project many moons ago, maybe 2 years ago, but such a lot happened between then and now that they have been sittng in a drawer, untouched.

I'm waiting for my 1st baby to arrive any day now and for some reason, today just seemed like the perfect day to dig out those Gremlins (believe me I had to engage brain cells I haven't used before to figure out where I put them) and finally get round to piecing them together.

I'm a little disappointed I didn't make more blocks!!
The dilemma now is whether I finish it off now before baby arrives (it measures only about 110 cm square) and have it as a little play mat?
do I play with more Gremlins and make it into something much more substantial?

I am rather loving it, there is an ecclectic mix of fabrics, some of which were from the very first quilts I made or from special quilts I've made as gifts or commissions.