Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crafty little Minx

There is no doubting that my crafting mojo has returned.


Along with finishing off my tax returns for the year I've also managed to complete a few smaller projects which have really helped me get back into the swing of things.

My friend Helen recently gave birth to a gorgeous little baby boy called Logan James Keeves. I knit him a little Henri dog. This was a project by Fuzzy Knits and was lovely to put together. It was knit in an organic wool and ended up being smaller than intended but a perfect size for a little baby to cuddle up to.

I also designed a little stitchery project with some quilting mice. I had no idea what purpose to put the stitchery to until I thought about a sewing roll. Once the stitchery was done the sewing of the roll took no time. There are pockets, zipped compartments, a pin cushion, ribbons for holding cotton reels and a needle book - I'll try to take a photo in daylight!!
I also made a cute pin cushion using a cross-stitch pattern from Cross Stitcher Magazine. The button motif was stitched on linen (which I swear almost broke me) and some pretty pink ditsy floral fabric. It was filled with rice to give it some weight.

So i'm pretty pleased with my Week 3 makes.

I've also managed to rearrange my sewing room and some of my vast array of bits and bobs.

Hope you all have fulfilling weeks with work and craft.

Caroline xx