Thursday, 26 February 2009

It was a relatively simple problem!

Another week has gone by since my dilemma with my sewing machine. I'm glad to report that all is well and I managed to save my good old Janome from a visit to a mechanic. I knew the problem wasn't mechanical and that it was just something that I was overlooking. I have only been quilting for nearly 2 years!!

Anyway, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who sent me e-mails and messages with suggestions and tips, they were very helpful and it was lovely to see how much support is out there.

As you can see from the photo above the quilt has been completed. The problem was loops on the wrong side and this was easily solved. For the record if anyone else has a Janome Memory Craft 6600 the trick to sewing free motion are as follows;
Attach your free motion foot
Feed dogs must be down
The computer needs to be set on number 11 in mode 2
Set tension to number 7
Foot Pressure Dial needs to be relatively high at 2.5-3

Speed Control Dial set at at two arrows

Thread your machine
Before you start make sure that the tension regulating dial has taken up the thread. On my machine it sometimes doesn't catch and sits on the spring, the best thing to do if this happens is to put a finger on the thread on the top of the machine and give a firm tug once the thread is wound through the lower thread guide (7).
Once you are ready to begin on your fabric bring the bobbin thread onto the right side of the fabric.

This is where problems can occur with looping on the wrong side. All you have to do is wrap the bobbin thread around two fingers and apply a firm pressure whilst sewing a few securing stitches.

Start sewing and check the fabric. You should find that the stitches are nice and even with no looping. The machine needs to be going at quite a fast but controlled speed in order to get neat stitches that aren't too big and that flow round curves.

Here are some close-ups of the flower and loop-d-loop design I used;

Hope this helps. Thank you again and see you next Friday - with hopefully another project underway.

Hope you like the new layout - i love the design I might just have to get some of this Alexander Henry fabric!!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow- you say it was a simple problem, but it sounded complicated to me :o) Glad you got it solved and that you got the quilt is very pretty!

Fiesta said...

so glad it is fixed.
love the quily you made.

Lynda said...

Glad you got it sorted, as free machine quilting is so lovely and can really enhance a quilt if you choose a suitable design - as you certainly did!

Zlaty said...

Hi, I just saw your comment on the Grand Award and you deserve it! Your life is grand and your blog is so cute! Very cute quilt and I love that flower design. I wish I could see a little better how you do it. I love flowers and can't wait for Spring to come!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the problem fixed. Love the colours and pattern that you've done. Just beautiful.

lisette said...

thank you so much for this - i was having exactly this problem this afternoon!

i will try your method next time

thanks again :)

Anonymous said...