Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Looking Forward ...

... to my little munchkin xx

I have wanted to blog for soooo long about this, but was unable to for various reasons.

I am ready and waiting now for my much awaited 1st child - in truth I've wanted a family of my own for over 20 years, but having worn a 'sensible' hat all my life believed that I must meet the right man and have a nice house etc before bringing a little one into the world.
It took me 34 years to meet Mr Right and then marry, dreaming that all this was right around the corner. I have since learned the hard way, that life rarely turns out like you hoped.
Mr Right turned into Mr Wrong and my dreams were shattered.
My marriage broke down and so I thought, all my dreams had disappeared.
At one point I thought my tears would never stop flowing with pain.

But I did slowly pick myself back up, with the help of great friends both at home and at work.
I slowly reconnected with friends and family I'd lost touch with.
I began to put my faith back in the Lord.
I prayed a lot ... and hoped ... and dreamed ...

 I did not anticipate that I would become so extremely blessed to be expecting this beautiful bundle of love, joy and hope xxx

Over the past months I have been stitching, knitting, crocheting and making all sorts of things for the nursery - things I couldn't really post about because even though I know exactly what gender I am expecting - from some people I have tried to keep it a secret.

Oh boy, will I have lots of photo's to show you once baby is here!!

I am sorry that my absence from Blogger has been long and neglectful, I felt I had to hide my joy from someone who still tries to hurt me and feels that he has the right to know my every business.

I have nothing to hide, I am the happiest, most priveledged, blessed and grateful person on the planet right now and very soon my arms will be filled with the most precious gift that I have ever created xxx


Susan Standen said...

Absolutely brilliant news and so pleased you have found the happiness you deserve. Enjoy every minute of it!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh what a precious picture...those little fingers and toes! Such an exciting time for you! I send you hugs and will keep you in my thoughts for the safe arrival of your baby. :o)

Sarah said...

Wow Caroline -what fantastic news! I pray that you and your little one will know and experience God's richest blessings and much love and happiness in a very bright future.

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you have found peace and contentment x Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery and the joy that comes when a little one is placed in your arms and everything else fades away xx

Bluebell said...

How wonderful, I hope your joy continues and this baby gives you all the love you deserve, God Bless


Zlaty said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

Rosa said...

Congratulations.It`s absolutely fabulous!!

Joke said...

Congratulations with this wonderful news you share with us!

Lynda said...

How lovely to have a scan picture! (Since I had my children about 30 years ago, they didn't do scans routinely, so I don't have any.) So pleased that you have found the happiness you deserve.

Anonymous said...

So happy that something wonderful has come after your sad news.
I must say we have more in common as this too happened to me with my first marriage.
My daughter was born after separation but I must say 19 years later both my children have not suffered.
Love and joy all goes to you xxx