Friday, 16 September 2011

An update and a request ...

The first stage of my All Heart Appeal is almost complete thanks to your help.

I am eager to finish the first quilt as I have an event at the village I live in next weekend and wanted our local villagers to feel inspired.

The story of the first quilt coming together;

First was the arrival of many lovely, inspiring and thoughtful blocks from friends met through quilt groups, my teaching group, in my local village and the wider Blogging Community.

I had great pleasure in arranging, rearranging and coming to a decision concerning layout.

I am so glad I decided to ask for more pink/red backgrounds as the layout was heavily influenced on the balance between the light backgrounds and the coloured ones.

The second stage was to move away from the 'tweaking' and start to sewing the squares into rows.

... then the rows into one quilt top.

Of course it was complulsory to audition a few border fabrics, I didn't want anything to fussy to take away from the centre. I settled for some red, polka dot fabric (my personal favourite).

Having decided that the quilt was going to have three borders I set about sewing on strips of 1.5" around each side ...

... closely followed by a 1" border in white ...

... completed with a 3" third border in red polka dots again!!

And Voila!!!

The first quilt made for Cancer Research UK.

Of course now that everything is ready, basted and waiting - my request to all you wonderful peeps out there is to answer me a question ...

How would you quilt it????


susan said...

FMQ loopy hearts? The border looks fantastic and pulls it all together beautifully.

Wendy said...

It looks amazing! Well done you, such a brilliant cause, you should be really proud. I agree with susan about loopy hearts. You could echo quilt the appliqued/pieced hearts, do a line 1/4 inch from the seams, then do the loopy hearts in the border.

Lotti said...

It looks wonderful. Im sorry, im so rubbish, I didnt manage to get mine in the post to until Saturday so they are too late for your quilt! hopefully you will manage to make use of them somehow, maybe a cushion?
I would keep the quilting really simple to let the hearts shine, echo quilting then loopy hearts like Wendy suggests sounds great

Lynda said...

When I made a heart quilt for Linus, I quilted it in the ditch, and then free-motion hearts in the centre of each heart to anchor the layers.

Lynda said...

The quilt looks fabulous! The border choices are excellent, and I love the fact that you haven't sashed the hearts - I think sashing often sucks all the life out of a quilt and makes it so straight-jacketed! As to quilting, an all over design on the hearts and something straight in the borders.