Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cheery Giant Spools

I am a bad blogger indeed and promise to post more pictures soon.

I seem to have about a zillion things to do before september and the start of various classes that I'm going to be teaching, plus some trading events and charity events. So what do I do??

Crack the whip and start ticking the long list of jobs to do??

No - instead I 'play' around with yet more scraps and do some more of my giant spools blocks - these were inspired by Jacqui from Tallgrass Prairie Quilts - I loved her selvedge spools - but I just don't have nice selvedges so I dug deep into my scraps for these.

They look so much better in person!!

This has been good therapy, this week we found out that my husband can have a bit of a reprieve from the endless radiotherapy sessions on his leg. He's by no means 'better', apparently the nerve tissue is so inflamed that the results can't be distinguished. For now though, he gets 6 months off from the endless driving, back and forth to Oxford and can hopefully start getting over the pain.

Thank you for all the wonderful heart blocks I've received recently - I promise to take pictures today and post some soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Caroline xxxx


Sarah said...

Your spool blocks are great, I love that they're all different sizes too :-)

Plum Cox said...

Fabulous and eye catching - I love them! Always lovely to put off 'jobs' and get on with fabric playing instead!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Caroline..I had no idea that your DH was going through difficulties.. ((hugs)) to you both. Hope the rest and relief from not driving helps the situation.

Lynda said...

The spools are gorgeous - and you know how much I love scrap projects!

Mary said...

I really like spool quilts, but I think your version is my absolute favorite!