Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy Hearts ...

Apologies for the delay in posting about my All Hearts Appeal.

Thus far I have about thirty hearts, all donated from wonderful people near and far. I really appreciate each and every one that I have received and it's been lovely to see the effort that people have shown.

I do apologise for the photographs above, some of which were taken during the evening, the lighting is terrible. These are some of the hearts received in the last couple of weeks.

1. Anne in dedication to her first husband

2. Anne in dedication to her parents who both died from cancer

3. Angie Woodhemp

4. Janis Green

5 - 7. Anne

8 - 10. Wendy Herbert

Centre. Jane Weston

I would be exceedingly grateful for more hearts, the more the merrier really as I would dearly love to be able to make as many quilts as possible and aim to use at least 60 heart blocks per quilt.

I'm also going to throw open the colour of blocks to extend to a red or pink background, I think the odd splash of colour will add so much interest to the quilt.

Thank you

Caroline xx


Wendy said...

I still haven't got any more white or cream fabric, but I think I can find some pink! You should post this in the Brit Quilt group on Flickr, I bet you'd get hundreds of blocks from those talented ladies.

susan said...

I will try and make you a heart next week. The girls will be at Brownie Camp and all being well I will have a little bit of me time and most of my projects out the way so I can fit some new stuff in. I would love to contribute.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

They look wonderful! I'd like to add a dedication for the one I made to my Dad whom we lost to cancer 7 years ago.

Manda said...

Great idea for a very worthy cause. I wanted to put my contribution towards it so I have made a couple of blocks for you. Let me know your address and I will get them in the post.

Flying Blind... said...

I have just made you a heart - will blog about it and you in a moment and add links back via flickr - good luck xxx

Lynda said...

Whoops! My heart isn't amongst them as I haven't done it yet! Will seriously pull my finger out asap!

Terri said...

Posting to you today, Caroline & have added a pic to the Brit Quilt pool as I don't have a blog (yet!)
Good luck to you :-)

Lynda said...

I have my blocks all ready to send, and now realise I don't have your address! Please could you let me have it!

Karen said...

Hi have done some for you just need and address to send them to please email it to me and they will be on there way to you.
Thanks Karen

Contented Caroline said...

Thank you to everone who has posted out hearts to me - so much appreciated. Some people have emailed me to ask for my address but they are registered as no-reply bloggers. Please leave a comment with your email address and I will give you my postal address. Thank you Cxxxx