Friday, 4 June 2010

All in a day ....

It was my mums Birthday last week and I decided to make her a special bag as both of my parents are off on a cruise in September.

I thought this bag kit from my local fabric suppliers would go down well.
I really enjoyed making this and believe it or not it was all done in a day. I even managed to get some beads out and hand sewed them on to emphasise these gorgeous flowers.

Even though my mum was never really into sewing (she was a wonderful painter) I probably learned to sew from watching her. Although I was too young to remember there are some stunning pictures of me and my sister at a school fete wearing matching dresses that mum made.

I also remember her making me an outfit to wear at a Victorian day at school many years ago and I adored wearing it. She got every detail in from bloomers to apron.

I'm delivering this to her tomorrow - hope she likes it!!!!

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loulee said...

I'm sure your mum will love it. But if she doesn't, send it my way please.

Zlaty said...

I am sure she will love it! I love the flowers, they are this gorgeous color! Perfect for summer!

Have a great day!

sewkalico said...

It looks lovely! I'm sure she will be pleased to receive it!!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful bag. She'll look stylish carrying it on her trip.