Thursday, 15 January 2009

One Finish, Four Starts and Two Lbs Lighter!!!

I've had a rather successful sewing week this week, in part due to the fact that my partner has been working nights and I could sit, guilt-free with my stitchery projects in the evenings. Today, Tony decided to come home for his sleep rather than camp on an army surplus excuse for a bed, at a rather noisy hospital. This meant that I had to be fairly quiet and what a better excuse than to sit on the sofa, my Henri dog beside me, while I sat and hand-sewed the bias binding on my farm quilt - bliss! Awful that I've only spent a couple of hours a day with wonderful (but extremely tired) partner but next week will be back to normal!!

Needless to say that after an evening of stippling and a day of sewing, On the Farm is finally completed!
I'm very happy with the finished article.

As for the stitchery's I joined a couple of BOM's and can't wait to complete each block as we progress through the year.

The snowmen can be found here while the 'Love' stitchery is here. The little mouse in a rather wonky log-cabin is part of my own design for the Black and White Quilt Challenge Project which can be found here. The design is aptly called 'Wonky Cat and Friends. It is a bit of an improvised project as I haven't exactly designed it yet! The idea is to have a few cats, maybe a dog, a couple of mice and one or two birds thrown in for good measure. I'm hoping to work on a few more blocks tomorrow so I'll keep you posted.

I'm also on weight loss target for this month - 2lbs already lost from eater slower, slightly less portion size and not snacking - crisps are a huge vice for me!!!


Gina said...

Love how the quilt has turned out.

I'm doing the calendar BOM aswell. I'm keeping the blocks for when Mal is nights and I need to be quiet in the mornings.
Well done on the weight loss

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Your farm quilt is delightful! Congrats on finishing it. I've already done the calender quilt block too, I love how it's turned out. Maybe I'll do an applique version too; great idea!

Cheers from chilly Canada, QGB

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You've been busy!! We we see you on Saturday? Should be a good talk.

Sara said...

Terrific job on the weight loss! It's hard to do and you are off to a great start!
The farm quilt is so cute!

sewkalico said...

What a wonderful finish! Well done on those lost pounds too!

Sara said...

I love the farm quilt - its just too darn cute! Such talent!

I haven't decided on the calendar block of the month. But maybe I should soon!

Fiesta said...

your quilt is beautiful and so is your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love all these BOM's. I'm getting a little hooked on them myself.