Sunday, 2 November 2008

Safari Quilt 2

I had some wonderfully bright fabric left over from a quilt that I created earlier with a safari theme. I enjoyed making the quilt so much that I thought I would use the fabric to recreate some of the characters, albeit with a difference. I enjoyed making it just as much second time around - if not more as I was not constrained to a deadline.

I have yet to put the quilt together but have many 21/2" squares sewn together to frame each panel. I also have quite a lot of the green safari print fabric that I used to make the bias binding and this might just be enough as a backing print.

I thought you might like to see the photo's so far - I will post the completed quilt as soon as it is finished.


Rachel said...

Those are so cute! Whoever gets that quilt will be dreaming of great adventures!

Anonymous said...

I like the Safari blocks. The quilt will be just beautiful with all those lovely blocks.

Sara said...

Hey, just found you on quilting bloggers. Like the looks of the safari quilt!

Contented Caroline said...

Thank you for such lovely comments. All are welcome!!!

Lynda said...

The animal blocks look fabulous! They are perfect for a christening present!