Thursday, 16 June 2011

Happy Days ...

My colour scrap blocks are coming along nicely but this week I wanted to concentrate on something else. The arrival of "Lollipop Baby" fabrics made me put away everything else and whip up a simple baby quilt using the full range.

Although I love the colours for me it is a bit too busy, I'm wondering if I should have sashed with white!

Mmmmm maybe that's another quilt!

Excuse the poor photo on this one but the design wall was full and the only room left was on the floor with the awful red rug that covers a multitude of sins!!
My colour spools are coming along nicely, I wasn't sure at first - I looked at other spool quilts where straight piecing is more the norm, so I made red and green straight and left the others wonky. I like wonky!!

I'm quite excited about it to be honest, and I'm just going to take my time over these fun blocks. It's definately going to be a studio piece and will fit right in with my others. I sure do love gazing over the fabrics, especially when life has it's off moments and I need to remind myself of everything good in my life.

For now I will leave you with my photo of variegated thread. I love it.


Andrea said...

I think the baby blocks are lovely as they are - I wouldn't have added white sashing. A really cute quilt xx

Sarah said...

Love your spools, especially the wonky ones!

Liz said...

I think the baby quilt is just fine, sashing may have made it look overly complicated and the wonky blocks are more interesting to me than straight ones, See you soon. Liz