Thursday, 7 October 2010

When is a rose not a rose?

... when it looks like this of course;
More like an apple ... at least some of you thought so, when i made
this blog post a while ago.

MMMmmmmm i thought!!!
The intention was roses and I planned to make lots of scrappy roses, set them on point and create a rose swagger in each corner.
Like this;

Needless to say I was not impressed by my efforts at all and threw it into a corner of the studio where it has been gathering dust.

It just did not look at all right and how I had seen it in my mind.

However, I don't like to be defeated and I thought to myself 'how's about I get some binding tape and try turning my 'apples' into a stained glass window effect.

While my dear hubby has been working nights this week, I have settled myself in front of the T.V with an ironing board perched next to me, my Clover mini-iron on hand and off I set.

It has taken me two evenings to get this far;

While I'm not exactly loving it yet, I am loving it a whole lot more than I did before.

The question is do I simply stop at the roses or should I 'stain glass' my leaves too?
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arlette said...

Caroline, they look awesome, I'm starting to make stain glass in my classes and I'm shocked watching your roses, I really like them, but I think the leaves need to get the bias as well, it looks like something's missing for me, absolutely gorgeous job!!!

Pokey said...

I think you hit upon your answer! Sew very cute with the outlining.

Tracy said...

What a difference the bias tape makes - HUGE!!

I think if you were to tape the leaves, too, it would detract from the roses.

Allie said...

Oh my gosh this is fabulous - yes do the leaves too - so gorgeous!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks amazing...what a great result. Sometimes throwing things into the corner to give yourself time and perspective works a treat! I'd be tempted to do the leaves...but you won't know until you pin some bias tape around them and have another look at them.

Andie said...

I think the roses look great with the tape. I think if you do the leaves they may look too heavy and draw the eye away from the roses - which are the focal point. Looking good so far, lady!

orchidlover said...

Very Art Deco ala Rennie Mackintosh.
I think they look great as they are. I wouldn't do the leaves, especially in the blck as that would be too much. If you really wanted to 'stain glass' them. you could try a dark green. You would get the effect but it would mean that the quilt wouldn't be overpowered by black.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Rita said...

wow! you are very clever -- your roses look beautiful! good job! the leaves -- maybe satin stitching around the edges in dark green, but bias would be too much (i think). good luck!

Wendy said...

When I first saw the rose I thought "Charles Rennie Mackintosh" and then I saw the ones with the bias edging and they are DEFINITELY Mackintosh! Go on, bias the lot, it looks fantastic

Lynda said...

The roses look like roses now! (Sorry, but they did look rather like apples before!) I would leave the leaves, as they would look too heavy.
It's always good to put something away for a while as you come back to it with fresh eyes.

pinsandneedles said...

I would leave the leaves unbiased. I think it would detracted from the roses! Looking good!