Thursday, 8 July 2010

BOM framing tutorial ...

A few people have asked how I framed up my BOM squares and I promised that I would post a free tutorial to help.
Here goes (sorry if it's a little lengthy)!!!!

1. You can use a jelly roll - I had Moda Posh left over from a previous project and cut them into 2" strips. You could also do it with scraps.
2. Trim your BOM to 61/2" square.
3. Start by sewing a strip to the top and bottom of the block. Trim and press seams open.
4. Add strips to each side.
5. Prepare the next strips - I cut 2" squares from a variety of strips - make sure you use a precise 1/4" seam allowance - you will need 6 squares for both top and bottom + 8 squares each for the sides. Sew the squares together. Press seams open.
6. Start again at the top of the block - match up the 1st and last squares with the seam from the first border you made. Stitch.
7. Press the seam open and do the same with the bottom edge.
8. The arrow shows where the seams line up.

9. Use the same method of pinning the squares to line up with the seams of the top border.
10. Press seams open.
11. Nice and neat!!
12. Voila!! done - the alternate blocks are made in the same way with 2" strips and 2" squares but the square border is attached first - for this there are 4 squares at the top and bottom and 6 squares at the sides.
Hope this makes sense!!!!
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Kim said...

Thanks, Caroline! Your framed blocks look perfect and very pretty. I find that I stretch the fabric as I sew and then press, guess I need a lighter touch of heat.