Thursday, 6 August 2009

Flower Garden Quilt - Please help!!!

My latest quilt is almost completed - that is the top is complete but I am having a little difficulty deciding how this one should be quilted.

It is a rather simple design based on coin stack using a charm pack in the Moda range 'Portugal' by April Cornell. I have hand stitched the vine on and added the applique flowers.

I am trying to steer clear of stippling and feel that this quilt should be kept quite simply quilted. I know how wonderful all you amazing quilting bloggers are and wondered if you had any suggestions. I will consider all suggestions, so hopefully it will be truly completed soon.

Thank you. Caroline xxx


Linda said...

How about simple cross hatching, it doesn't take away from the design of the quilt and isn't too busy. Lovely quilt top by the way.

Zlaty said...

Hi Caroline!

Great quilt, I was thinking you could do echo quilting around the vine and flowers and do vertical waves down, I hope you know what I mean :) Whatever you decide it a pretty quilt!


Julie said...

hi caroline,
you have a number of options here...
you could quilt a quarter inch inside each coin. ( easy but labour intensive ).
one big simple cross from corner to corner in each coin would look great and not take too long.
vertical quilting down each coin strip about an inch apart would also be very effective.
as for the applique panels, you could echo quilt around the vines & flowers as suggested above,or cross hatch the panels, but avoiding the applique. but i'd stipple those panels myself. this would make the applique really pop.

just a few ides, hope this helps.
julie :)

Gina said...

I'm with Julie. I think cross hatching would look great. On the flower panels I would do a form of stippling but put the odd leaf and flower in there.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Howdy said...

long wavy lines down the quilt to mimic the lines of the vines... very nice quilt!

Kim said...

All good ideas for a very pretty quilt!

Fiesta said...

Caroline it is beautiful. Some echo quilting will definetly make those flowers pop out!

loulee said...

How about echoing the shape of the vines and leaves, then using a pretty sparkly thread to glitz up the flowers, then maybe some stitch near the ditch for the coin stacks.
It's a very pretty quilt.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

So very pretty and some great suggestions on how to quilt it. I like the idea of echo quilting and repeating the wavy lines down the quilt.

Misty said...

It's a beautiful quilt. It will be pretty however you choose to quilt it. It looks like you've already got some great ideas!