Thursday, 16 April 2009

More Wedding Creativity

I had a pretty bad week last week when I went up North to visit family. There is nothing like a wedding to test a families tensions and mine is no exception. I came home feeling very dispirited and generally down in the dumps. I came very close to wanting the whole wedding cancelled and felt as miserable as I have ever been.

The fog has now lifted, I am glad to say. I went to see our Vicar yesterday to finalise details of the Wedding service and it rather put into perspective what a wedding is all about. It is at the end of the day about two people and two people only, my husband-to-be and I. We will say our vows and promise to love, cherish and honour each other in sickness and in health. What can be more beautiful than that. Tony sent me a text after I had argued with one of my sisters last week, it said, and I quote "Just remember that I love you - this is our day - even if no one turns up we still have each other". How right he is and how happy I am to be marrying someone so perfect for me.

I hope you like the Order of Service cards and placecards that I have designed and made this evening.

Lots of Love.
Caroline xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Caroline, my thoughts are with you while you deal with family and many other hassles in arranging your wedding.
Yes! at the end of the day it's YOURS & TONY's day.
Your "order of service" & "placecards" are beautiful.
Thinking of you xxx

I've been watching an American show on late tv called "Bridezillas" OMG! They are dragon ladies. Good show to get you back down to earth.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sorry to hear the tension is rising. Weddings are best at that and I can't think of any wedding that hasn't had it's ups and downs. (I've been to over 8 wedding in the last 8 years) As long as you keep your plans to your own wishes then it is the right should never feel like you should be doing anything for anyone else. This is YOUR day.

Sara said...

Your soon to be DH is correct. The day is about you and him and ONLY you and him. Do as you want, not what everyone else wants. Good luck with the rest of your family through this, but in the end its your day! And your cards are absolutely beautiful!

Zlaty said...

Hi Caroline,

Your order of service and place cards are very beautiful!
I am glad you are feeling better! Your husband to be is right, all that matters is that that you love each other! My own wedding wasn't what I imagined, but it didn't matter, only matters that you are marring to your love!



Lynda said...

I think it's quite normal to feel like cancelling the whole thing as it gets near. We nearly cancelled our weding (over family traumas) but I'm glad we didn't as we've been together now for over 30 years!