Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Can anyone help ....??

Recently I was reading through the blog posts in my reading list when I happened upon a wonderful can cooler/holder with embroidered text. It was for a can of coca cola and said something along the lines of ...'If it wasn't for Coca Cola I'd have no personality'. I thought this was rather fun, considering that I too am addicted to coca cola (I was one-a-day, but have managed to get my addiction down to one a week). I think I must have clicked on a link from a blog in my reading list but have been through every one to try to find it again.

If anyone knows which blog it is can you please let me know as I really, really want to make one of those.

Thank you
Until next time
Caroline xx


Anonymous said...

Had a search for you Caroline but I can't find anything. Sounds like a great idea. Please let us know when you find it.....

Zlaty said...

Hi Caroline,

I haven't seen it, but I will keep an eye for you! Good luck! I hope you will find it!


Barbara said...

I havent seen it, but as someone who is having trouble limiting it to two a day, can I just say, you dont know what true addiction means, LOL.

Lynda said...

Sorry I can't help, but I'm heartened to find I'm not the only one who hops around and then can't remember where I've visited!