Saturday, 11 May 2013

A pretty dress for a pretty girl ...

After a few days of sunshine and heat I decided that baby  needed a new sundress.
The ones in the shops were either too expensive or looked as though they wouldn't withstand more than a couple of washes - so I thought I would have a go at making one ...

There are so many free patterns out there in cyber space, but I settled for this one found here
I loved the shape, style and the pattern seemed easy so I set to work.

The pattern is for a teeny tiny dress made for a premature baby but I found it quite easy to adapt the pattern and upscale it. I've since worked out the dress can be made to be completely reversible ... 
watch this space for more dresses.

It only took me a couple of hours to make, one evening, she would have worn it the next day ... but it rained!!
All we need now is some sun!!

I think baba likes it xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

A hat for Jelly Bean ...

In the hope that we actually have a summer here in the UK I thought I would make Jelly Bean a sunhat.
I had so many scraps left  from making her quilt that I thought I would use some up.

I found a great tutorial and pattern here
I have plans to make more, the pattern has three sizes and is so easy to make I whipped it up in no time.

Jelly Bean seems to like it xxx

Friday, 22 March 2013

10 WEEKS ....

10 weeks of being mummy to my gorgeous little girl ...

10 weeks of twiddling and fiddling with bits of wool ....

10 weeks of not getting my faithful Janome out ...

... until yesterday!!

This was started four years ago 

and is finally completed.
Lets hope its not another 10 weeks until my next project!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ripples ...

Life is beginning to resume a little normality - if such a thing is possible with a new baby. I'm lucky to have a baby that sleeps well during the day and through the night now.

So I can have a little 'me' time.

I was inspired by a blanket here  from Lucy at Attic 24 blog.
It's amazing and I thought far out of my comfort zone where crochet is concerned.
However, thanks to Lucy's amazing 'neat ripple' tutorial with very clear instructions and photo's, I have mastered the pattern and have started my very own blanket  for my girl and I to cuddle under.

The pattern is totally addictive and easy to pick up and put down when my attention is required elsewhere.

It's nice to be able to craft again!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

One Month ...

Me and my beautiful girl are sharing a Birthday today.
I'm 40 something and my girl is 1 month old!!
It has been a difficult month trying to recover from the birth and look after a newborn who only wants the kind of cuddles only a mummy can give.

This week we've had a breakthrough and everything seems so much easier, I've stopped doubting my abilities to feed and be a good mummy to my scrummy baby ... all normal emotions as a first time mum!!
My girl is a cutie-pie, and is proving to be such a good baby, we're both learning so much about each other. 
I am in love with this little baby and it already feels like I have always had her in my life.
One month has flown by but I am feeling more like myself and getting into the swing of things nicely.
Perhaps when the nights get easier I will start to do a bit of crafting again but for the moment I am content to spend as much time with my baby as possible xxxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Greatest Creation I ever made ...

I am blessed with the most beautiful Daughter.
Her name is Isabella Grace.
I'm so lucky xxxxx

Monday, 31 December 2012

A few of my favourite things ...

I'm taking advantage of my last days of pregnancy and trying to keep active and busy as much as possible.
Part of my day revolves around keeping on crafting - possibly knowing that craft will be the last thing on my mind when I have a new baby to look after.

Neckwarmer pattern Love Crochet Dec Special Issue
I needed a new crochet project and found something I fell instantly in love with:
this neckwarmer looked amazing and the instructions looked fairly manageable for a novice like me. 

The first hurdle was trying to locate the wool that the pattern recommended. I found two websites: one in Malta and one in the UK, both currently out of stock of the colour in the picture.
It is important to add at this point that I am terribly impatient and was not prepared to wait until stock was replenished.

Thus I set off for my local wool shop!!
I managed to find this wool: Patons Fab Big in cream which I hoped would work.

The wool required a much smaller hook than the one in the pattern so I have had to adapt the pattern.
It isn't as large as it should be, and I had to start with a longer chain of scallops and then decrease the number of stitches by crocheting in alternate chain stitches.

It took me one evening to make it and even though its nothing like the picture I'm really pleased with it. 
Its super warm and soft and I love it.
I may have to now order some of the recommended wool, in a colour that is in stock so I can have one for another coat!!

Better still I had excess wool and managed to crochet a simple scarf that took me less than 2 hours!!
I've pretty much amazed myself that I only taught myself to crochet a year ago and I've learnt enough to pretty much make things up as I go along.
 Todays project was to make a hot water bottle cover for bottles I bought over 2 years ago and intended to make up as gifts. 
I'm putting these away in a 'present box' I keep in the loft for those times when I need a gift for someone and have no time to make anything.

This one is vintage inspired with some beautiful fabric I've had forever, lace and ribbon give it an extra twist.

One I made a few days ago with some Christmas fabric. 

I also created a little cross stitch hoopie art to go in the baby's nursery.

I wish you all a Happy, healthy and creative year ahead. 
2012 has been a funny old year for me. 
It started painfully but has ended on a high as I await my little one.
2013 promises to be a great year xxx